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      Location: rialto,cali
      Who is your cable or satellite provider? Other
      About Me: Dodgers and Yankees fan...weird I know.I grew up loving both teams.my family goes for Dodgers..so I hear it alot 4 liking the Yanks lol.Derek Jeter is actually why I began liking the Yanks...yeah hes gorgeous but hes really great shortstop :) baseball & football r my first loves and other sports follow in since ima sports junkie :)
      Favorite Sports: MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, College Football, College Baseball, WNBA, Boxing
      Favorite Teams: -Dodgers






      Favorite Players: -Eric Gagne

      -Andre Ethier

      -Derek Jeter

      -Mark Sanchez

      -Russell Martin

      -Joe DiMaggio

      -Lou Gehrig

      -Babe Ruth

      -Drew Brees

      -Brett Favre

      -Joe Mauer
      Favorite Sports Memory: -Yankees winning WS

      -Eric Gagne days

      -Saints winning SB

      -Andre Ethier's walk off grandslam

      -Derek Jeter passing Babe Ruth's record

      -Alex Rodriguez's 600th HR

      **waiting for Jeter's 3,000!
      Least Favorite Teams: -Angels


      -Red Sox

      -KC Chiefs


      Favorite TV Shows: -ESPN

      -Jersey Shore
      Favorite Movies: -Remember the Titans

      -For the Love of the Game

      -The Sandlot

      -Field of Dreams

      -Iron Man 1 & 2

      -She's All That

      -16 Candles

      -Easy A

      -anythin w/ Mark Wahlberg
      Hobbies: -baseball

      -talking about sports.
      Relationship Status: Single
      Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/ho...

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