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Posted by: ilovealex on Oct 25, 2010 at 12:51:15 AM

alltime baseball team

My 5 starters will be as follows Tom Seaver,Roger Clemens,Greg Maddux,Steve Carlton,Randy Johnson. I picked them for wins and era and other awards.

Mark Teixeira(first baseman)

Joe Morgan     (2nd base)

Alex Rodriguez(shortstop)

George Brett     (third baseman)

Barry Bonds     (Left fielder)

Ken Griffey, Jr (centerfielder)

Hank Aaron  (rightfielder)

Johnny Bench(catcher)

I picked all of these not because they are my favorites but because i feel they are the best of alltime in each position as far as fielding and hitting. I know Teixeira is young yet but i feel he will be the best if he keeps going and he is the best fielding firstbaseman i have ever seen.