Rasheeda Cooper
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    Location: Bronx, NY
    About Me: I am a true Yankees fanatic! Born, raised and still residing in the Bronx, my dad took me and my siblings to games when we were kids and I was hooked. From Spring training to the playoffs, I schedule everything in my life around Yankees games. And, I fly down for at least 1 Spring training game every year. Besides my fan prowess, I am an administrator and a student, taking classes in Communications. My career goal is to be a reporter or pr writer for the Yankees organization. Wish me luck!
    Favorite Sports: MLB, NBA, NFL
    Favorite Teams: New York Yankees
    New York Giants
    Favorite Players: Alex rodriguez,
    Andy Petitte,
    Mariano Rivera,
    Jorge Posada,
    LeBron James
    Favorite Sports Memory: When A-Rod smacked 3 homers off of Bartolo Colon for 10 RBIs in 2005. I sat in the stands just not believing what was happening before me. Alex was immortal that night!
    Least Favorite Teams: Boston Red Sox,
    New York Knicks,
    LA Lakers,
    New England Patriots,
    Favorite TV Shows: House,
    Meet the Browns,
    The Golden Girls
    Favorite Movies: Forrest Gump,
    The Godfather I and II,
    Jerry Maguire,
    Legends of the Fall,
    True Lies,
    The Hangover,
    You Don't Mess With the Zohan,
    Happy Gilmore,
    Ace Ventura Pet Detective,
    My Man Godfrey
    Hobbies: Watching Yankee games, movies and other sports,
    Reading classic literature,
    Creative writing,
    Cooking and baking
    Relationship Status: In a Relationship
    Skype ID: rasheeda.cooper