Winter Meetings Kick Off with Rumors

    Monday, December 5, 2011, 4:23 PM [General]

    The Winter Meetings have started in Dallas, Texas and so far there has been rumbling from the Yankees side. Not a lot of rumbling, but some rumbling nonetheless. Here are some topics that were discussed today.

    -  The New York Yankees will not give up Jesus Montero & Manny Banuelos for both John Danks & Gavin Floyd. Apparently the White Sox tried to trade both of them but Brian Cashman said no. Reports say that Cashman would never trade Montero & Banuelos for either Danks & Floyd and if he were to trade Montero it would have to be in "the right trade"

    - mentioned that the New York Yankees were the "clear frontrunners" for Cuban prospect Yoenis Cespedes. Cashman said that he was more focused on getting pitching this winter, but seeing a power bat with the Yankees won't be bad at all.

    -  This technically wasn't discussed during Winter Meetings, but the Yankees would love to bring back Andruw Jones & Eric Chavez. Jones and Chavez both contributed to the Yankees 2011 season. Chavez would be a backup for 3B Alex Rodriguez or 1B Mark Teixeira & Jones would be a backup for LF Brett Gardner.

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    Hot Stove: Who Should The Yankees Choose?

    Monday, December 5, 2011, 12:04 PM [General]

    You know when it's the middle of the Hot Stove season when there are rumors flying about who is interested in who, who is signing who and who is ignoring who. Some teams inquire within about certain Free Agents while some realize that they have no chance of re-signing them The Yankees are in a boat all of their own. It has been very quiet on the Yankees end of things, without them making a free agent signing. And why would the Yankees go for just anybody? They wouldn't. 

    Ever since the end of the World Series, Free Agents have been linked to the Yankees like C.J Wilson and Roy Oswalt, but the Yankees aren't showing as much interest in them as their agent would like. Just recently the Yankees flat out said no to a meeting with Wilson and said they weren't interested in Oswalt due to back problems. The Yankees need someone, and they need someone quick. The only real signings the Yankees have made this winter pitching wise was the re-signing of Freddy Garcia, but Freddy can't be the No. 2 & No. 4 starter all at one time. Later and later it gets into the Hot Stove season, and soon new names are coming up for the Yankees like Mike Gonzalez (or as all Yankees fans know him, the guy who hit Chris Dickerson in the face with a baseball last season). I've compiled a list of players that the Yankees should go after, and players that the Yankees should stay away from. I doubt Brian Cashman will listen to me but it doesn't hurt to voice my opinion. 

    Players to Go For:

    1. Mark Buerhle: A lot of Yankees fans have told me on my Twitter account "Get Mark Buerhle", "Why haven't the Yankees gotten Buerhle yet." I decided to do some research as to see why Yankees fans want Buerhle on the team. I can see why they want him now. Mark Buerhle's numbers may not be star-struck dazzling, but he is a good pitcher. Every year except for the year 2000, the Buerhle has had at least 10 wins a season. Buerhle has also gone to the All-Star game 4 times in his career, won the CY Young Award once and won the Gold Glove Award 3 years in a row. Buerhle is also a strikeout pitcher racking up a career total 1396. That's a very impressive number. I would suggest that if the Yankees are going to sign one person this off season, then Buerhle would be it. 

    2. Matt Garza: Matt Garza isn't a free agent, but the Yankees could certainly trade for him. The only issue with Garza is that his numbers tend to flop a lot, sort of like A.J Burnett with the Yankees. Other than that, Garza can be pretty reliable for the Yankees. Garza is another strikeout pitcher, who racked up almost 200 K's in 2011 (then again, nobody in the National League is patient). He walks a reasonable amount (63 in 198.0 innings in 2011) and doesn't give up a lot of HR's. (He only gave up 14). I wouldn't say that it's Garza's fault that he had a 10-10 record with the Cubs. The Cubs just don't score. He did on the other hand have a dazzling 3.32 ERA. Yankees should definitely make a trade for him, but not something reckless where you are going to give up too many players for 1 man. (Ex. Betances, Montero & Swisher would be a big no-no.)

    3. Yu Darvish: If you know who Yu Darvish is, good for you. If you don't know who Yu Darvish is, he's from the Japan Pacific League. Darvish's numbers are outstanding when you look at them. In 4 years he has a 1.81 ERA & 807 strikeouts. It takes players a while to get to almost 1000 K's, but not Darvish. The Yankees are very interested in Darvish, along with a handful of other teams. And who wouldn't be? This kid can be a star in the Major Leagues just like other Japanese players before him. (Everyone remembers Hideki Matsui, right?) According to Ken Rosenthal, Darvish is expected to be posted in January, so it will be time for a free agency free for all. 

    Players to Stay Away From

    1. C.J Wilson: I know the Yankees are desperate for starting pitching but if there is one thing they will not do, it's give C.J Wilson $100 Million to perform like regular season A.J Burnett in the postseason. Yankees fans are literally kicking themselves with A.J Burnett as it is, do they really want a carbon copy who pitches just like him but in the most crucial time of the year? Yes, C.J Wilson pitched very well in the regular season going16-7 with a 2.94 ERA, but when it was time to pitch on the big stage, that was when Wilson ran out of gas. His record in the postseason as a whole is 1-5 with a 4.82 ERA. If the Yankees want to go all the way then they cannot get a pitcher who gives up a lot of runs in the postseason. The Yankees want #28 right? Then stay away from this guy right here.

    2. Mike Gonzalez: The Yankees may need relief pitching, but by all cost stay away from Mike Gonzalez. If fans thought that the Rafael Soriano signing was bad, then they need to look at Mike Gonzalez's numbers. Gonzalez has been a bullpen pitcher since 2003, and since then he has a record of 17-21 with a 4.47 ERA. Does anyone remember Scott Proctor? The guy that was on the Yankees last year? Yeah, if you get Mike Gonzalez, you will have the Scott Proctor headache all over again. Gonzalez is not what you call the pitcher that you can rely on. He will throw behind you, he will throw the ball up, and sometimes the ball might be way outside. He doesn't have good control of the ball. The Yankees need someone who will be great in the bullpen, but there is no way that Mike Gonzalez would even be considered. Not unless they want to DFA him in the middle of 2012.

    The Yankees need to make smart decisions when it comes to pitching this winter. The Yankees have some good pitchers like CC Sabathia, Ivan Nova and Freddy Garcia. They also have pitchers that could use improvement like Phil Hughes & A.J Burnett. But all and all the Yankees rotation is somewhat all right. It's up to the Yankees to decide, but they need to make sure that they make the right choice before shopping for a pitcher because they have to remember, unless another team wants him, the Yankees are stuck with him.


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    Did Justin Verlander Deserve MVP Award?

    Monday, November 21, 2011, 3:29 PM [General]

    As you all may have heard already, Justin Verlander won the AL MVP and the CY Young and is the first pitcher to do so since the 1992 season when Dennis Eckersley won the honor, but many fans do not agree with the fact that Verlander deserved it. Let's look at Justin Verlander's #'s in the 2011 season:

    Justin Verlander

    Verlander was 24-5 with a 2.40 ERA in 35 starts. That shows that Verlander is tough and difficult to even beat. When observing Verlander, the only start that he was off was in the Game 1 ALDS start vs. CC Sabathia, but it later turned to a blessing in disguise for the Tigers when the game was rained out and Verlander had to pitch in Game 3 (in which he was dominant). Verlander is also no stranger to the no-hitter as he has done it already in his career. Yes, Verlander is versatile and successful at what he does, which was why he unanimously won the AL CY Young Award. 

    Now let us look at Curtis Granderson's #'s from the 2011 season, shall we:

    In 2011, Curtis Granderson had a .262 AVG with 119 RBI's & 136 R scored. He also swiped 25 bags (but finished 2nd on the team to Brett Gardner) and had 26 doubles and 10 triples. Granderson started to falter towards the end of the year average wise, but his power was always there when the Yankees needed it. The Yankees didn't look as if they were going to make it to the playoffs in the beginning of the 2011 season, but Curtis Granderson (along with some teammates) proved that theory wrong and led the Yankees to becoming AL East Champions. But every Yankees fan knows how the story ends and it's not a pretty ending. 

    Now, I decided to take this question to my Twitter account and ask many MLB fans out there what they think of Justin Verlander winning the AL MVP instead of an everyday player like Curtis Granderson or Jose Bautista. Here were some of the results I received.

    "I don't think it's fair because he's not an everyday player, and he already won the CY Young award" - @kimtheluck

    "1 word...CONSPIRACY."- @TeamRobbieCano

    "I think it's a disgrace. Pitchers have a CY Young award for recognition. No way should a one every five day player win." - @Scatdaddy42

    "He carried that team way farther than they should have gone. He deserves the CY Young, that's why he won it. The MVP? Not so much.- @TheyCallMeCapon

    Fans have their own opinions and a lot of the opinions may have to do with the fact that the Yankees  were snubbed at almost every award category (minus the Silver Slugger Awards) which might have brought to the boiling point. There were times during the awards season where fans thought, "Robbie should have won that." or "Brett Gardner should have won the GG." But at the end of the day, just because you observe one team and think that one player on your team deserves to win just remember, there are 29 other teams out there. And that does not go just for the Yankees. It goes for every other team out there. You may think that Jose Bautista is the best in Toronto or that Jacoby Ellsbury is the best in Boston (but if he really was, then there would have been no Red Sox collapse) but in reality, compared to someone else in the American League or the National League, they are just average players. So the reason that the Yankees didn't win awards isn't because that they are strictly Yankees players and the MLB is out to get them. The reason is that in reality there is someone that is better than them (though I don't agree with that with the Brett Gardner GG snub, I'll admit it now). 

    So did Justin Verlander deserve the AL MVP award? In my opinion, he did earn the award. Verlander means more to the Tigers than Curtis Granderson means to the Yankees. The Yankees would have made it to the playoffs regardless with the help of Robinson Cano and the power bat of Mark Teixeira but without Justin Verlander, the Detroit Tigers are going nowhere. It's the honest truth. Sure the Tigers have Victor Martinez and Miguel Cabrera and maybe even Austin Jackson who is the Detroit Tigers version of Gardner, but without starting pitching the Tigers are nothing. Justin Verlander carried them as far as he could which was to the ALCS, but the bats and defense just couldn't help seal the deal and go to the World Series. Verlander carried the whole team on his back from the start, to the final out of the ALCS, and that is why ladies and gentlemen, Justin Verlander deserves the MVP award for 2011. 

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    Postseason Recap

    Saturday, October 29, 2011, 4:37 PM [General]

    I never would have thought that I would have watched the ALCS & World Series without the New York Yankees in it. I remember being upset, disappointed and confused. On paper we had the best record in the AL; we had a good team that was capable of doing anything! We had base stealers like Brett Gardner, power hitters like Robinson Cano, we had the last taste of Jorge Posada! We had it all, but the Detroit Tigers gladly took it away from us like taking candy from a baby. I couldn't sleep the day we were knocked out of the playoffs, I cried at 4 in the morning, just hoping that somehow the Yankees could be avenged. Then it hit me, the Yankees could be avenged if the Detroit Tigers were knocked out of the playoffs. I knew I would have to root for the Texas Rangers in order for the Tigers to go home. 

    The ALCS was so different than what I expected with no Yankees. Sure Joe Buck and Tim McCarver were there but I was surprised that they didn't mention the "Yankees failures." (If they had mentioned the Yankees failures then they probably forgot about the demise of the Red Sox). It was a weird feeling rooting for the team that had knocked the Yankees out of the playoffs in 2010 in the ALCS, but feelings would have to be put aside in order for the plan to be complete. There was one pitcher that the Rangers had to look out for, and that was Justin Verlander. Verlander was good, and I meant crazy good. He had already thrown 2 no-hitters and he looked dangerous. The Rangers knew they had to find a way to beat the Tigers and surprisingly they did. 6 games later the Rangers were ALCS champions and heading to the World Series. Watching the Tigers get knocked out made everything better, I admit but when I thought my baseball viewing days were over, I decided to watch the World Series matchup, the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals.

    It had to be one of the most exciting World Series that I have ever seen. David Freese was on fire and Lance Berkman (who was a former Yankee) was back in his full form, something he didn't have in 2010 when he was with the Yankees. Many fans were worried about Albert Pujols and if he was going to be a St. Louis Cardinal next year or join a different team. I didn't think much of the future and watched the "now." The most exciting game during the whole World Series was Game 6. The Rangers just tasted their 1st World Series title, when the game was tied in the 9th inning to send it into extra innings. In the 11th was when the magic happened. David Freese didn't look nervous. He looked a little critical though as he thought of the situation. The game was tied and if the Cardinals didn't win, then that would be it and they would go home. David Freese didn't think the game was ending then. He went deep to center. Back Hamilton went! To the track! To the wall! She was gone, and Joe Buck said the sentence that many fans hadn't heard in years, since his late father Jack Buck said.

    "We will see you tomorrow night..." 

    Game 7 was the biggest test for both teams, but the Rangers wasted their chances and gave outs to Chris Carpenter. Ron Washington never should have just let his players give themselves up. It was destined for failure. The Cardinals had come behind 2-0 and shook the Rangers for their 11th World Series title. The Rangers felt they could have had it. They could have clinched it. They could have tasted it. But all they got in the midst of confetti and fireworks was nothing. Depressed, upset and confused they headed into the clubhouse to head back to Texas to pack their things and go home. 

    In a way it had seemed that Yankees fans had gotten exactly what they wanted. The Tigers were knocked out of the ALCS and the Rangers lost the World Series. Both of the teams had knocked out the Yankees in seasons past but it was all behind them. The Rangers had been close to getting the trophy twice. They were in the World Series in 2010 & 2011, but they failed to capitalize and soon went home empty handed. Along with the Tigers they will be home, sitting around thinking where things had gone wrong and where they can improve, but let's just remember one thing...

    They should report to Spring Training on February 18 to sort everything out, because the early bird catches the worm. The Yankees will be there and they will be ready to Chase for 28!


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    Yankees Diary: October 2, 2011

    Sunday, October 2, 2011, 9:27 AM [General]

    October 2, 

    That was some win last night wasn't it? I mean that game had to be suspended and resumed and it turned out the official time on the game was 27 hours. Yikes. That's a LOT of baseball that goes around there. Anyway, the Yankees really got the crowd going with that great win. I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit nervous when Doug Fister came on the mound and dominated the Yankees from innings 2-5, but even though Robinson Cano got all the credit last night, I still give my credit to the slappy hitter himself, Brett Gardner.

    Face it Yankees fans, there is no way that Robinson Cano hits that Grand Slam without Brett Gardner's two out, two RBI single. It's just not possible. So sure. let Robinson Cano take all the credit, but remember that someone had to give Cano a chance to come up to bat. I did like the fact that after the game ended TBS found Gardner and interviewed him. He deserved some recognition to that 9-3 win last night...and he also deserved some face time on National Television. 

    Let me move on to Ivan Nova now. Nova pitched fantastic! There was no way of getting around that. It was a shame that towards the end of the game he ran out of gas, but he tamed and put the little kitties to bed. Luis Ayala though wanted to make things interesting. If Girardi puts you in the game in the top of the 9th to relieve Nova with runners on, you are NOT SUPPOSED TO LET RUNNERS SCORE! It's simple baseball. Imagine if it was a 4-3 lead that the Yankees had instead of 9-3. Ayala would have cost us the game if that were the score. Joe then had to bring in Mariano Rivera to close the game. Sure, Mo only threw 3 pitches but the Yankees didn't need to bring in Mariano if Ayala had done his job. Don't get me worng, I love seeing Mariano just not when it's a 9-3 lead and Ayala can't get out of the inning . 

    So hopefully Freddy Garcia and the Yankees can tame the kitties again and gain another game on the Tigers. That way we can finish buisness in Detroit and head to the ALCS. It sounds simple right? Well, the Yankees have to make it as simple as I make it sound.

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    Yankees Diary: October 1, 2011

    Saturday, October 1, 2011, 11:03 AM [General]

    October 1,

    I can't believe that I am saying this, but I am FINALLY glad that it is October! October baseball is one of the best things invented since Christmas or Birthdays...heck it's better than Christmas or Birthdays. If there's one thing that I am super excited about, it has to be the World Series is coming up, and everyone is predicting their match-ups for the World Series. I was shopping around Twitter, just looking to see what kind of match-ups that fans wanted and ALL of them had agreed that they thought the Yankees had what it would take to make it this year. The NL Match-ups were rather surprising though. Some had said that they wanted a rematch with the Philadelphia Phillies. Some had said they wanted to see the Diamondbacks make it to the World Series, and some had said that they wanted the Brewers to make it. 

    But even though I am excited that it's October, I was very disapointed with last night's baseball games. I'll get started with the Tampa Bay Rays and the Texas Rangers. Honestly when I look at the Texas Rangers this year...I don't fear all. I feared them last year because they had 2 key elements, Cliff Lee & Vladmir Gurrero. But since Cliff Lee left the Rangers for the Phillies & Vladmir Gurrero went to the Baltimore Orioles all I see is: Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz...and then 23 other guys. Sure Michael Young and Ian Kinsler have power, but they don't frighten me or Yankees pitching for that matter. I don't think even A.J Burnett fears them.

    Anyway, the Rays seriously pummled the Rangers last night 9-0 but the one thing that I did really enjoy from that game was the first pitch. No, not C.J Wilson's first pitch, but Connor Stone's. As many of you know, Shannon Stone tragically lost his life in July at the Ballpark in Arlington. His son Connor was with his father at the the time. The Rangers had invited Connor and his mother to the ballpark to throw the 1st pitch to none other than Josh Hamilton.After watching that, there was not a tear dry in the ballpark (or in anyone's houses for that matter). All I can say about that was Josh Hamilton is a class act and has my full respect. 

    Let's move on to the Yankees and Tigers games. It was the most anticipated event of the night, seeing CC Sabathia and Justin Verlander duke it out in front of 45,000 Yankees fans in Yankee Stadium. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is not a fan of baseball and soon it started to pour in the second inning. The game itself lasted 30 minutes and there was an hour and fifteen minute rain delay before they suspended the game until tonight. Notice I did not say postponed. When you postpone a game that means that you wipe everything off the scoreboard and play the game as if nothing happened. Suspended means they are going to take the score and continue with the game that started the night before. Unfortunately the only thing that's different is the pitching match-up. Ivan Nova will take the mound for the Yankees and Doug Fister for the Tigers (and Delmon Young's HR and A-Rod's RBI groundout still count). Yankees fans won't see CC Sabathia until Game 3 along with Justin Verlander. The advantage that the Yankees have? Justin Verlander has never pitched on short rest while CC Sabathia has (and he pitches quite well actually). 

    Hopefully the rain can go and stay away during these outings because all us Yankees fans really want is some postseason baseball.

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    Yankees Diary: September 29, 2011

    Thursday, September 29, 2011, 3:09 PM [General]

    September 29,

    Finally, it's the most wonderful time of the year, and I'm not talking about Christmas, or your birthday or Thanksgiving which has great food I might add. No, right now I am talking about Yankees Postseason Baseball! Sure the 2011 season looked grim in April, but did anyone think that on Septemer 29, 2011 that we would be standing here, first in the American League East Division getting home field advantage? To be honest I knew we would make the play-offs, but I might have thought that it would have been the Wildcard. I'm glad that I was wrong and that we made it to the play-offs!

    Where is the Boston Red Sox you ask? Well I can assure you that the Red Sox are doing just fine, sitting at home in October eating cold pizza and watching reruns of their games being played over and over on NESN. It was their own fault that they let Tampa Bay slip through their fingers and take the Wildcard lead. 

    This morning, I was curious so I decided to listen to WEEI radio from Boston. The things that they said were hilarious. Curt Schilling was on the phone and practically embarrassed Daniel Bard all over the airwaves, with the sportscasters who were doing the radio show agreeing. Here was how it all went down: Schilling had told ESPN and NESN that he didn't think that the Red Sox were going to make the postseason due to choking in September. Schilling also said that David Ortiz and Jonathan Papelbon are officially free agents and while he was saying that Ortiz should walk, the Red Sox should re-sign Papelbon. Now I thougt to myself and realized, what if Papelbon isn't interested in coming back, then who do you go to when you need to close the games?

    Schilling erased Daniel Bard from the conversation saying, "Would you want Daniel Bard closing for the Red Sox?" The sports announcers were easy to say, "No."

    Another thing is why would the Red Sox blame the Yankees for their misfortunes. I mean it's not like we let Tampa Bay win because we hate the Red Sox or anything (Cough, cough). Don't they realize that in order for them to go to the play-offs, they have to win? Anyway, the Red Sox didn't make it and the Yankees did, so there.

    Now, I know tomorrow is the first game of the ALDS and I'm sure everyone is super excited, but I am also super nervous. The Yankees are going against Justin Verlander and his team of home run hitters, but I have to stay confident that our Yankees can show everyone that they have what it takes to go to the World Series and Chase for 28.

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    Should Posada Catch Mo's 602nd Save?

    Sunday, September 18, 2011, 8:07 AM [General]

    Yesterday Mariano Rivera made history. He recorded his 601st save which tied him with Trevor Hoffman as the most saves in Major League Baseball. Mariano's next save will be his 602nd, and since 602 is a special occasion everyone wondered if Jorge Posada was going to catch Mariano Rivera's 602nd save. 

    Everyone KNOWS that Jorge Posada has caught Mariano for 15 years until this year where he was made the full time DH, then the part time DH. Posada had the joy of catching 1 game this season v.s the Angels when Russell Martin & Francisco Cervelli injured themselves & Jesus Montero was the DH that day. It wasn't only a joy to Posada, but it was also a joy to Yankees fans everywhere, so why not let Posada catch Mo's 602nd. Well, according to Joe Girardi, the Yankees are trying to clinch a division. So letting Jorge Posada catch Mariano Rivera for the 602nd save is going to be a distraction of some kind? Was Girardi not there when he caught 7 innings v.s the Angels and not only gunned out a runner but helped CC keep the Yankees in the game for that time being?

    I think that Jorge SHOULD catch Mariano Rivera when it's time for 602. Mo & Jorge hav been good friends for years and have always had a dynamic working relationship. Even Mariano said that he would like Jorge behind the plate when he throws 602 because this would be a special moment for them to share. Posada is the catcher that caught Rivera's 1st 400-500 saves, and has caught Rivera's 42 post-season saves, which are the most in baseball. Even Yankees fans want to see Jorge catch Mariano, as it would be one of the nicest moments in the game. 

    It would be great to see Jorge behind the plate one last time during the Yankees regular season, knowing that he might not get a chance when the post-season comes. So maybe Girardi should come to his senses and let Posada catch, cause you know why? Every Yankees game needs a magical moment, and seeing Mo & Posada together for the all-time leading save would be beyond magical.

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    AL East Race Starts To Wind Down

    Thursday, September 15, 2011, 8:28 AM [General]

    The final 2 weeks of the season are upon us and it looks as if the American League East race is going to wind down to 2 of the 3 teams: the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox & the Tampa Bay Rays. The AL race had been a tough one since the beginning of the season with the Red Sox & Yankees switching places in 1st place the whole time. Right now it's in the Yankees possession by 4 games, the largest lead the Yankees have had this season. The Red Sox are currently in the Wild Card, but they should be wary of the position they are in. Just in late August they were sitting high in the Wild Card. It looked as if both the Yankees & the Red Sox had a guarenteed spot in the play-offs. Then came the Tampa Bay Rays, who have the Red Sox on edge. 

    In late August the Tampa Bay Rays were 8 games behind the Boston Red Sox for the Wild Card with the Yankees still in 1st place. Then September came and the Red Sox began to fall apart. With injuries to key players such as Josh Beckett, Clay Bucholz, Adrian Gonzalez, David Ortiz & Kevin Youkillis, the first 11 games in September the Red Sox were 2-9 which matched their first 11 games in April when the season started. Slowly Tampa Bay was able to come closer to the Red Sox and are now 4 games behind them in the Wild Card with a series to be played tonight at Fenway Park. The Yankees on the other hand have not been able to capitalize on the Red Sox misfortunes which means the Yankees are in trouble as well.

    The Yankees do have a 4 game lead, but it should be more and like the Red Sox, the Yankees haven't played good September Ball either. The Yankees are battling themselves with injuries to Alex Rodriguez, Francisco Cervelli, occasionally Russell Martin, Andruw Jones & Nick Swisher. With the Yankees having key injuries themselves they realize that they shouldn't get comfertable with their 4 game lead as it could easily disappear. The Yankees have an easier schedule than the Red Sox going down the stretch, but with games being played with Tampa Bay & The Red Sox, the Yankees have their work cut out for them. 

    To put it this way, the Yankees have a lot of work to do to keep their lead and to be able to not only clinch a play-off spot, but to clinch the division. The final 2 weeks of the season is going to be one interesting race, and the Yankees know it.

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    10 Years Later: Remembering 9/11

    Sunday, September 11, 2011, 9:39 AM [General]

    They say you don't remember what happens in your past. They say that some memories are sketchy and you can't remember every intricate detail. But what happened 10 years ago on September 11, 2001, is a day that not one person can ever forget and some even remember in detail.

    I remember being 9 years old just waking up as if it was a normal morning, when my brother told me that 2 buildings were falling down on television. At that moment, I didn't understand what was going on. I was only 9 at the time, but when I read it in the paper the next morning at school I found out that not only New York was affected but so was the Pentagon and all of America. When I found out all of the people that day that died, it broke my little heart. Just thinking of all those people that were killed made me think of how people would never see their loved ones ever again.

    I didn't lose anyone close to me in 9/11, but my 4th grade computer teacher had. She lost her sister in the attacks and seeing her broken apart from losing someone so close to her really had me thinking how fortunate I was that I still had my family with me and to never take them for granted.

    New York was shaken up, from what I remember. Debris had to be cleaned, downtown Manhattan was destroyed and people died of lung cancer from the asbestos that was in the air.

    Even 10 years later, 9/11 still hits the hearts of many Americans. It has been 10 years since the day that changed America, but it changed us for the better. We became a stronger more united country and proved that when the going got tough, we still kept going. Sure, today is going to be a very hard day for all of us, but we are a strong country and no matter what happens, we'll still rise to the occasion and fight for our country.

    May all the souls lost on 9/11 rest in peace.

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    Who Should Be Odd Man Out In 6 Man Rotation?

    Sunday, September 4, 2011, 9:53 PM [General]

    Earlier today, Joe Girardi mentioned that he was going to cut down the rotation from 6 to 5, but after talking to Brian Cashman and other players he changed his mind and decided to go through the 6 man rotation 1 more time. Girardi knows that he can't have the 6 man rotation for the rest of the year since the Yankees are going for a playoff contention. Girardi also knows that he needs to choose someone soon and fast. Yankees fans that have been watching have already narrowed it down for Girardi: A.J Burnett & Phil Hughes.

    Moving CC Sabathia is out of the question and Ivan Nova is in the same situation. Bartolo Colon & Freddy Garcia both have good years so I doubt Girardi wants to move either of them to the bullpen, which leaves A.J Burnett & Phil Hughes. Phil Hughes has had bullpen experience before and has pitched amazingly I might add while Burnett has no bullpen experience.

    Hughes is the perfect contender to go the bullpen, but making Hughes go would be unfair. Hughes has not pitched lights out, but he has pitched well since he has came off the DL. Burnett has been inconsistent and has only have 1 win since July 29.

    Earlier today during the Yankees game,  I asked my followers on Twitter who did they think was going to be in the bullpen and here were some of their answers:

    @secondz2late said, "I think Hughes will go to the pen. That would be the logical choice."

    @nyerkid625 said, "I still think Hughes because he can adjust better to the bullpen than A.J."

    @ssamantha_anne said, "Unfortunately I still think it's Hughes. I think if A.J goes to the pen he won't bounce back."

    The decision on who is the odd man out of the rotation will be a hard one, I agree but if Phil Hughes doesn't go to the bullpen then that will be a shocking decision. It only makes sense that Hughes goes to the bullpen. He's been there before.

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    Yankees Send Burnett For Round Three

    Thursday, September 1, 2011, 12:46 PM [General]

    After the Yankees took Game 1 and the Red Sox took Game 2, all eyes will be on A.J Burnett for Game 3 v.s the Red Sox, who are 11-3 v.s the Yankees this year. The only words I could think of when I saw Burnett was pitching v.s John Lackey was "Oh dear."

    I'm beginning to lose patience with Burnett & it's showing in my tweets, but I am willing to give Burnett a chance to start tonight. What if Burnett actually throws very well v.s the Red Sox. It's September after all and miracles can happen. I have a feeling that Burnett will throw well tonight, he's due for a good start, but then again there's something in my heart that's worried about Burnett. What if Burnett actually chokes during game 3 and the Yankees don't win the series after winning the opener?

    That has been going through the back of my mind, but I wll give Burnett a chance to prove himself tonight. I'm sure that if Burnett does well, everyone will forget about his other bad starts.

    But let me give some small advice though: If Burnett looks as if he is running out of gas, then he needs to be taken out. Don't leave the bases loaded for someone else to clean up the mess. That's all I will say.

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