Girardi Needs To Pull The Plug On Burnett

    Sunday, August 28, 2011, 1:27 PM [General]

    I have been watching A.J Burnett since the beginning of the season and after watching his last start I have to say that I have had enough. His last start was the same as the starts in the past except this time he REALLY blew up: 5 innings with 9 runs & approx. 110 pitches. When you look at Burnett's line the first thing you think is, "Why didn't Joe Girardi take him out when he was struggling?" Well to answer that question, Girardi needs to worry about his bullpen. He has a double header coming up and if he uses the bullpen in 1 game then Girardi will be short during the DH.

    There has been speculation that Burnett should be moved from the rotation and put in the bullpen. After hearing that, at first I thought it would be a good idea. If he wasn't in the rotation then the Yankees would have a better chance if winning, but then it hit me. If we just put Burnett in the bullpen, he's still there and what makes us think that Girardi isn't going to use him?

    With Burnett it is a huge problem. There is literally no place for you to put him! If you put him in the rotation he implodes, if you put him in the bullpen he can't get outs! Girardi is constantly defending Burnett saying that he will get them next time. Well Girardi, answer this for me. When is NEXT TIME? A.J only has 1 win in August, as a matter of fact that's his only win since June 29. Girardi's constant defending is driving me off the deep end. It makes you wonder if Girardi is seeing the same things tht everyone else is seeing. Even John Sterling & Suzyn Waldman said that he can't continue starting if he keeps pitching this way. If you have WCBS 880 telling you that Burnett is not doing his job then that must mean something. 

    If Burnett doesn't want to get pulled out of the rotation then he needs to pitch better, and if I were him I would think of a way to do it...and fast.

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    A.J Burnett Needs To Prove Himself

    Friday, August 26, 2011, 2:43 PM [General]

    A.J Burnett is expected to take the mound tonight v.s Tommy Hunter & the Baltimore Orioles but a lot of Yankees fans and myself are on edge about Burnett pitching. Burnett's last start was a disaster in my opinion. Burnett gave up 7 runs in 1 2/3 innings and to add to the drama, he said something on camera that should not be said. It had appeared that he was showing up Joe Girardi before heading into the clubhouse, but in post-game Girardi informed everyone that he was not being shown up and continued to defend A.J Burnett.

    Looking at the rotation now and how A.J Burnett has pitched so far, I don't see how he could even pitch in the post-season. The only way that Burnett could possibly make the rotation in the post-season is if he bounces back dramatically meaning that he doesn't get lit up, gives up as few runs as possible and doesn't throw a lot of pitches in an inning. When Burnett throws a lot of pitches, he is taking away innings from his starts which usually concludes to the bullpen being used. An example would be if Burnett threw about 20-25 pitches an inning, by the time he reached the 5th inning he would already have thrown 100 pitches. He needs to learn how to limit his pitches per inning so he can go deep into games. Not only will he have good quality starts but the big bullpen guys like David Robertson, Mariano Rivera & Rafael Soriano can get a rest.

    I agree that Burnett has potential and he's has great stuff, but he needs to take what he has and show everyone that he has what it takes to go far into games and get wins. If he can do that then there will be a space for him in the rotation when it's time for the playoffs, but for the time being Burnett has to prove himself.

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    History In The Bronx

    Thursday, August 25, 2011, 7:21 PM [General]

    From what started to be a huge blowout for the Yankees, turned out to be a laugher. Just watching the game from the beginning, the Athletics were pouring on runs. It was 7-1 in the fourth, when I angrily told my followers on twitter that I had a feeling the game was over. I don't know what exactly, but I think it had to do with the momentum of Russel Martin's 1st HR that helped the Yankees win the ball game 22-9.

    When Russel Martin hit that 1st HR I jokingly at the time told my followers "We can come back." Little did I know that I would be right. The Yankees tacked on not 1, not 2 but 3 grand slams the most in major league baseball histroy. Each grand slam had a specific purpose in the ball game whether anyone noticed or not. The first one was Robinson Cano's which made the deficit from 7-2 to 7-6. The second grand slam by Russell Martin was the one that gave the Yankees the lead 10-7. And the final grand slam in the 8th inning by Curtis Granderson really opened the eyes of the beholder. Not only did the Yankees just make the game 21-8 at the time, but they made history by hitting 3 grand slams in a single ball game.

    I believe this game will be a sure Yankees classic. A 22-9 final at Yankee Stadium with 3 grand slams and a man named Russell Martin who went 5 for 5? Sounds like history to me.

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