Delia Enriquez
    Lifetime Points: 0
    Location: New York
    Who is your cable or satellite provider? None
    Favorite Sports: MLB, NFL
    Favorite Teams: New York Yankees,

    San Francisco Giants,

    New York Jets,
    Favorite Players: Brett Gardner,

    Cliff Lee,

    Buster Posey,

    David Robertson,

    Jorge Posada,

    Logan Morrison,

    David Price
    Favorite Sports Memory: The Yankees winning their 27th World Series Championship
    Least Favorite Teams: Boston Red Sox,

    Philadelphia Phillies,

    New York Mets,
    Favorite TV Shows: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,


    MLB Baseball,

    FOX Football,

    Favorite Movies: Shutter Island,

    Glee 3D,

    The Dark Knight,

    Hobbies: Singing,


    Watching Baseball,

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